Dwolla Enables Twitter-Based Payments

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In an attempt to make person-to-person payments more simple, Dwolla Wednesday announced its users with a Twitter account can send funds using their Twitter username, dollar amount and the hashtag #dwolla.

The push for payment tweets is based on making mobile payments easier for customers, according to Dwolla. In a statement, Dwolla wrote that one can now, “send money to friends, nonprofits or even merchants without having to login to the Dwolla mobile app.” Dwolla, however, is not the first to the Twitter payment method. Chirpify has had considerable success following its “Tweet A Beer” campaign, which enables individuals to send $5 to a friend for a beer. Utilizing social media like Twitter and Facebook are potentially lucrative payment streams for companies due to the high consumer adoption.

While using Twitter to make payments is an interesting concept, we wonder how many people are willing to publicly highlight their finances on a regular basis outside of giving to charity. But then again, some politicians have shared much more than their finances on Twitter so following Dwolla’s success should provide an indicator for greater use of payments over social media in the future.

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