Dutch Banks Plan Mobile Payments Pilot

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Three leading Dutch financial institutions have announced they will launch a minor mobile-payments pilot in the city of Leiden, which has a population of some 120,000. ABN Amro, ING, and Rabobank is working with MasterCard and local mobile network operator KPN on the pilot. The test will include some 1,000 consumers and 150 businesses.

The pilot starts in September and lasts three months. The banks will provide participants provided a Samsung Galaxy Express smartphone preloaded with their bank’s payments application.

In a joint statement, the Dutch banks commented on the scope of the pilot:

“An extremely varied selection of businesses are taking part, ranging from smaller shops to large retail chains, including department stores, supermarkets, retail outlets and bars and restaurants. NS, the Dutch railway company, and the shops located in the railway station will also participate in the introduction.”

Following the conclusion of the pilot, each individual bank will consider whether to continue the service.

As mobile payments become more familiar to consumers and are increasingly used, consumers will look to their financial institutions to provide innovattive mobile payment services that will encourage them to stay at their financial institution and not switch. The particular pilot shows the banks are willing to adapt to new consumer trends and provide solutions that meet modern consumer demand.

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