Disney Experience Goes Up A (Big) Notch

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Disney is as a global brand that has made the consumer experience a centerpiece of its core culture since Walt Disney built his first theme park in the 1950s. Moving a company of this size and complexity into the digital age is no easy transformation, but we’re beginning to get a glimpse into how Disney intends to get this accomplished. Its “MagicBand” bracelet is designed to replace many key components of the Disney theme park experience such room keys, entry tickets, FastPass for attractions and rides, and payment cards.

From a New York Times article:

In contrast, MyMagic+ will allow users of a new Web site and app — called My Disney Experience — to preselect three FastPasses before they leave home for rides or V.I.P. seating for parades, fireworks and character meet-and-greets. Orlando-bound guests can also preregister for RFID bracelets.

The contactless payment experience at Disney is about to be undergo a transformation as the theme park embraces a multi-million dollar makeover that includes tap-and-go terminals throughout the park. While contactless bands are not new, the Times article notes other theme parks are using them in addition to strategy’s like U.S. Bank’s VITAband, announced in 2011. The Times notes obvious issues around consumer privacy, but with an ultra-loyal consumer base who places a very high premium on access, the convenience factor should win out.

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