Corporate Drivers to Get Mobile Payments at the Pump

by Steve Murphy 0

This article details an upcoming mobile POS payment solution for commercial fleet drivers who are purchasing fuel, to be delivered through a collaboration between tech companies OTI PetroSmart (a subsidiary of Israel-based OTI) and London-based Fuel Telematics Solutions, each specializing in mobile technology. The proposed solution uses a combination of Bluetooth, NFC and smartcard tech to identify the vehicle tag, fueling location and specific pump being used, all initiated through the mobile app and tied to a corporate fleet card account. The transaction flows through several stages, with the initial “authorization” stage taking place while the driver remains in the car. Once authorized through a vehicle matching scheme, RF technology on the fueling pump nozzle allows the mobile platform to recognize the fueling process and any subsequent interruption, potentially halting the flow of fuel.

“If the nozzle is removed from the vehicle tank inlet, for example, in order to refuel another vehicle or a petrol can, the communication with the vehicle tag will be lost and the pump will stop dispensing immediately. This ensures that only the authorised vehicle can be refueled. Once the driver has refueled their vehicle, they can replace the nozzle and drive away immediately. A receipt will be digitally available within the mobile app.”

The article does not specifiy the actual launch date, but this annnouncement points to the growing demand and applicability of mobile in the commercial payments space, most specifially at the point-of-sale, in order to provide the same payments convenience for corporate travelers as consumers. While this solution is targeted for the fleet business, Mercator expects a steady increase of mobile commercial card apps to appear durng the next 12-18 months. Most of these will be expected to tie-in with corporate travel cards (corporate cards, T&E cards), and be particulary useful with virtual account numbers as well. The only mobile commercial card solution announced to date (of which we are aware) is Amex’s support for Apple Pay starting in the second half of 2015.

Overview by Steve Murphy, Director, Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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