Computop and PayU Partner to Deliver Payment Solutions for Emerging Global Markets

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Retailers are now Able to Effectively ConductOnline and Mobile Business Throughout Most of the World via ComputopPaygate and PayU’s solution

Bamberg and Amsterdam – September28, 2016 – Computop,a leading payment service provider (PSP), and PayU,a leading payment service provider in emerging markets, today announced apartnership that provides retailers with payment solutions for high growthmarkets around the world. 90 percent of the global population under 30years of age is living in emerging markets. With e-commerce in developingeconomies growing twice as fast as in most developed markets, this partnershiphelps retailers to capitalize on these growth opportunities and expandtheir online and mobile business into multiple regions, including India,Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa.

PayU is a leading online paymentservice provider with a presence in 16 markets across the world. Thecompany offers more than 250 payment options relevant to these markets andtheir collective consumer base of more than 2.3 billion people, includingcredit cards, bank transfers, cash payments and e-wallets. Computop’sPaygate is a PCI certified payment platform that provides multichannelretailers, banks and other industries with secure payment solutionsand efficient fraud prevention for international markets. With thispartnership, PayU’s solution will be integrated into Computop Paygate,enabling Paygate customers to extend their reach into new countries.

Noteworthy statistics regardingsome of these high growth markets include:

  • India is expected to have 500 million Internet users by end of 2016, with more people coming online in India in the next 15 years than in any other country. E-commerce in India is expected to grow to $100 billion USD by 2020.
  • Latin America is expecting far greater GDP growth compared to Europe over the next five years.
  • One in four Internet users in Poland already shops online and plans to increase the amount of money they spend online making Poland and Czech Republic among the top five most important markets for e-commerce in Europe (alongside the UK, France and Germany).
  • Central and Eastern Europe as a whole is seeing steady GDP growth at nearly double the rate of its neighboring countries to the west.
  • Russia provides access to 31 million e-consumers with strong potential for further growth.
  • 83% of consumers in Africa plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months, and the continent is expecting far greater GDP growth compared to established markets. Nigeria is growing at 2.8% compared to Europe’s 1.6%.

Particularly beneficial toretailers is the fact that they only need to connect to Computop Paygateonce to be able to have access to the markets PayU offers. It does not requireseparate integrations to conduct business online in these markets.

“In order to efficiently andcost-effectively capitalize on the myriad of opportunities inemerging markets, retailers require the ability to successfully processpayments online and offer payment solutions that match consumer behaviorsin each of these markets,” said Mark van der Sluis, Director Partnerships,PayU. “We enable more than 160,000 companies around the world to do justthat. We are excited that through our partnership with Computop, Paygatecustomers are now able to offer all of the payment options that consumersin these rapidly growing regions desire, while benefitting from the localsupport and deep knowledge we offer along with the security and fraudprevention they trust from Paygate.”

“To be successful globally, thepayment solutions that retailers offer need to address the specific needsof local consumers in their target markets,” said Andre Malinowski, Head ofInternational Business at Computop. “We have a long, established trackrecord of helping retailers successfully grow their businesses in Europe,North America and China. Through our partnership with PayU, we are able tooffer our customers the opportunity to expand further into new, emergingmarkets by offering the payment options that consumers in thesemarkets prefer and trust. Computop Paygate now provides retailers accessto over 250 secure payment methods and acquirers worldwide, in addition totop-notch fraud prevention functionality, to safely conduct business on atruly global scale.”

About Computop

Computop is a leading globalpayment service provider (PSP) that provides compliant andsecure solutions in the fields of e-commerce, POS, m-commerce and MailOrder and Telephone Order (MOTO). The company, founded in 1997, isheadquartered in Bamberg, Germany, with additional independent offices inChina, the UK and the U.S. Computop processes transactions totalling $24billion per year for its client network of over 14,000 mid-size andlarge international merchants and global marketplace partners in industriessuch as retail, travel and gaming. Global customers include C&A,Fossil, Metro Cash & Carry, Rakuten, Samsung and Swarovski.Following the recent asset deal with the Otto Group, Computop is nowprocessing payments for merchants that previously used EOS Payment,including all 100 Otto retail brands. In cooperation with its network offinancial and technology partners, which it has expanded over many years,Computop offers a comprehensive multichannel solution that is geared tothe needs of today’s market and provides merchants with seamlesslyintegrated payment processes.

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About PayU

PayU is the leading online paymentservice provider in 16 high growth markets, dedicated to creating a fast,simple and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers.Whether someone wants to make an online payment on a computer, tablet,mobile device, e-wallet or even offline, our 250+ payment methods and PCIcertified platforms are designed to meet every consumer’s needs. Our localoperations in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the MiddleEast and Africa enable us to be experts in these countries and provide the bestsolutions for the local market. These markets represent a potentialconsumer base of nearly 2.3 billion people and a huge growth potential formerchants. The company has more than 1,800 payment specialists based inthese local markets that are constantly working to exceed PayU’s160,000+ merchants and the millions of consumers making online payments.

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PayU makes up the Fintechdivision of Naspers Ltd. Founded in 1915, Naspers is a global internet andentertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world.Operating in more than 130 countries and markets with long-term growthpotential. It runs some of the world’s leading platforms in internet,video entertainment, and media. Naspers is listed on the JohannesburgStock Exchange (NPN.SJ)and has an ADR listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: NPSN).

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