Company Offers Kiosks For Customer Cards

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

OpenMotion, a digital and mobile marketing company announced that it is offering kiosks that will allow retailers to sell custom gift cards anywhere the kiosk can be set up.

The ConnectNow Kiosk addresses the top three gift card purchasing criteria for consumers by allowing them to: select a specific dollar value, find a card for a specific occasion, and create a visually appealing card; and allows the consumer to create a card with their own personalized message. The ConnectNow Kiosk has an ergonomic appeal, small footprint and is designed to enhance any retail environment. Each kiosk’s graphics are customized to meet the individual retailer’s brand.

Mercator has heard anecdotally that card designs can make a tremendous difference in sales. However, this kiosk will compete for valuable floor space in retail stores. Depending on the flexibility of the device and the desires of retailers, this could become an excellent addition or even replacement of traditional card malls.

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