Coinstar Plans to Accept Gift Cards Along with Jars of Coins

by Ben Jackson 0

As other players struggle to figure it out, Starbucks continues to demonstrate that it has a handle of the mobile payments market with transactions approaching four million per week.

From Mobile Commerce Daily:

Every week, Starbucks is seeing close to four million mobile payment transactions, up from two million near the end of last year and three million a month ago. Additionally, mobile now accounts for approximately 10 percent of Starbuck’s total U.S. tender.

Starbucks’ mobile payment strength comes from a combination of factors including a small average ticket, an active prepaid and loyalty program, and a large number of upscale, repeat customers. Those customers are likely to have smartphones, be tech savvy, and willing to adopt new technology. Whether other companies can achieve similar adoption and use of mobile payments depends on their business and customer base.

As companies work to create a mobile strategy, they should not use Starbucks as the measuring stick for success of their own program.

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