Ceridian SVS Launches Website Where Companies Can Buy Incentive Cards

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions, a prepaid card program manager and processor, announced Sept. 22 that is has launched a Website enabling companies to purchase prepaid cards in bulk to use in incentive programs.

The SVS B2B Portal features dozens of popular retail, dining, travel, and entertainment merchant gift cards. In addition, our Network Branded Prepaid Incentive Card is available in four distinctive designs, and companies have the option of imprinting their corporate logo on these cards. Cards may be purchased in a minimum quantity starting at 20 cards or $500.00 in value per order.

The site will prove useful to companies where there is no central incentive manager or where many people can provide rewards. The minimum order levels will shut out some small businesses and buyers who need more than what they might buy easily at a card mall, but still don’t need quite as many as 20.

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