BofA Begins Testing Video ATMs

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

From the ATMIA:

ATMIA today announced the publication of a best practice guide aimed at the new era of ATM Integrated Payments and Customer Experience made possible by extended functionalities and converging technologies in the payments space.

“The ATM can evolve into a secure payments hub linked to established and emerging devices for accessing payments,” commented Mike Lee, ATMIA’s CEO. “Our new guide provides principles and suggestions as to how that shift can happen in a secure way.”

This guide follows the association’s recent publication of “Best Practice for Developing and Deploying the ATM in a Multi-Channel Retail Banking Delivery System” which looked at multi-channel integration and management of cross channel customer experience of both self-service and customer-owned devices.

As ATM use increases worldwide, their roles continue to expand as well into such areas as integrated payments. Consequently, the need to document best practices is critical to having standardized industry and cross-industry protocols. Initiatives like this will help financial institutions and others determine the best way to move forward in the ever-changing ATM world.

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