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An executive shake-up at Visa has new players heading up the card network’s mobile initiatives. Among those no longer at Visa are Bill Gajda, head of mobile, and Jennifer Schultz, who headed up Visa’s digital wallet initiative. Long-time Visa executive Elizabeth Buse will take on a greater role in Visa’s mobile efforts, as will former PayPal executive Sam Shrauger.

From NFC Times:

It’s unclear how big of a role Gajda played in the Fundamo acquisition or agreement with Monitise and Samsung, and it remains to be seen whether these deals pay off for Visa. Visa announced the agreement with Samsung in February of this year and has yet to introduce its first mobile-payment services as part of that deal. Meanwhile, Visa’s digital wallet and e-commerce check-out service,, has failed to gain traction in North America, with few large banks or Web merchants adopting it since it was introduced late last year.

It’s not unusual for a company’s new leader to shake things up, and Visa’s first-year CEO Charles Scharf has turned his attention to the network’s mobile and e-commerce initiatives. And much of that responsibility is now on the Shrauger’s shoulders, as he now oversees Visa’s NFC, and payWave contactless payment services. He will report to Buse, who is overseeing the company’s mobile and other digital channels, along with other responsibilities.

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Editor’s note: Visa addressed the changes in a blog post and said the NFC Times’ original reporting was inaccurate.

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