Blockchain Application Platform Lisk Joins Forces with Distinguished Design Agency

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User experiencea priority for Lisk ecosystem rebranding

Zug, Switzerland – March 28, 2017 – Lisk, the blockchain application platform, today announceda collaboration with distinguished design agency Taikonauten, with thegoal of rebranding its ecosystem to greatly enhance the user experience andfacilitate even greater user adoption.

The partnership will enable the Lisk Foundation to employ the creative talentsof the team at Taikonauten to entirely redesign crucial aspects of itsplatform, such as its logo, website, blockchain explorer and client userinterface (including desktop and smartphone).

Taikonauten is a Berlin-based design agency whose goal is to shape the futureof the Internet with its work. The company uses digital design to promote keybrands, position products and create new opportunities for cutting-edgebusinesses.

Lisk, the blockchain application platform will allow users to developapplications from scratch using JavaScript by deploying sidechains next to theLisk blockchain. Registered in December 2016, the Lisk Foundation has apermanent mission to enable the project to develop into a widely used, nextgeneration, blockchain application platform set out by its Founders.

As outlined in the Lisk Development Roadmap, this collaboration is part ofLisk’s resilience phase, which aims to build a more elegant core system, aneven better Lisk SDK, deploy various useful features, design beautiful and easyuser interfaces, and continue to put a major focus on security.

The overarching aim of the collaboration – which extends from March to August2017 – is to create a unified experience for Lisk users. Taikonauten willoverhaul Lisk’s corporate design, developing a new logo and media kit. Inaddition, it will also design and develop a new website for Lisk. Finally, userinterfaces for Lisk’s desktop, mobile clients and blockchain explorer will alsobe crafted and designed by the agency.

“This collaboration will help the Lisk project more efficiently to communicatethe goals of our platform. It will improve the user experience of the Liskclient to a level not seen before in the blockchain space, marking a first stepfor common user adoption, and unifying our whole ecosystem visually,” LiskFoundation President Max Kordek said.

“Until now, Lisk has been concentrating its resources on the development of theback end. We have released many optimization, stability and security updates todate marking the significant progress the platform is making. Now, ourattention moves to making visible changes to our current ecosystem,” addedKordek.

“Our vision, together with Lisk, is to increase the visibility of thisimportant platform. We aim to keep user needs at the heart of our approach andto make Lisk even more accessible to regular Internet users,” said MaikFahldieck, Founder and Managing Director of Taikonauten.

LSK, the cryptocurrency that underlies the Lisk platform, is currently worthover $30 millionUSD.


Lisk FoundationPresident Max Kordek is available for interview.

About Lisk:

Lisk is a blockchain application platform that will enable its users to buildapplications from the ground up in JavaScript. The decentralized platform willallow for the deployment, distribution and monetization of sidechains onto theLisk blockchain. The Lisk network is operated using a highly efficientDelegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) consensus model, which is secured bydemocratically-elected delegates. The cryptocurrency underpinning the Liskplatform is called LSK.

Lisk was founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in 2016. In its stellarcrowdsale, Lisk attracted more than $8 million in funding, making it the mostsuccessful crowdfunding in German history. Lisk is headquartered in Berlin inthe iconic business district at the Sony Center.

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