Barclays Announces £4 billion in Mobile Payment Transactions per Month

by Tristan Hugo-Webb 0

Barclays UK has announced that through its mobile bankingand Pingit applications, the bank is now handling more than £4 ($6.52) billionin payments and transfers per month. However, Barclays wants to see furthermigration to the mobile channel as it seeks to downsize its branch network andin order to ensure customers that the mobile channel is secure, it is offering ‘digitalsafety’ tips to encourage consumers to safeguard their devices.

In addition to providing customers with safety advice,Barclays has announced that its mobile banking and Pingit apps are the firstapplications in the British retail banking landscape to be awarded with the newBSI (British Standards Institution) kitemark for secure digital transactionsand that Kaspersky Lab’s internet security products would be available tocustomers free of charge for all online and mobile banking enabled customers


Commenting on the news, David Emm, principal securityresearcher at Kaspersky Lab said, “These statistics demonstrate thatsmartphones are fast becoming the standard tool to browse, interact, shop andbank online. However, despite using them to access the same internet astraditional computers, many people do not think they require the samefully-fledged protection. Most people wouldn’t dream of doing their onlinebanking on their laptop or PC without protection, so why wouldn’t the same applywhen using your smartphone?”

With consumers increasingly using their phones and tabletsfor the majority of their banking needs, the need to have a service thatcustomers feel comfortable and secure using becomes paramount. With Barclay’smobile banking and Pingit applications customers will be able to enjoy an unprecedentedlevel of security and encourage customers to make more mobile payments andtransfers moving forward.

Overview by Tristan Hugo-Webb, Associate Director, International Advisory Service

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