Bank of England Considering Plastic Cash

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Social payment app Pay-with-a-Tweet now is updated with a new interface. The app is a social-payment tool that enables a consumer to pay for a digital file with a tweet rather than money. The consumer clicks a button placed on the web site offering the download, which prompts the user to send out a tweet about the product. The digital file is then unlocked, enabling the consumer to download it.

The updates have both improved functionality of the app and added additional features:

The new version now allows users to set a maximum number of downloads and an expiration date for the offer. The button generator is also a lot more intuitive now. The developers, Leif Abraham & Christian Behrendt are also offering a white labelled version for businesses and brands.

Pay-with-a-Tweet offers an innovative approach to micropayments. Rather than attempt to profit by selling digital content at $1 per file, Pay-with-a-Tweet enables consumers to pay content providers with publicity, rather than small amounts of money. Naturally, this only works as a revenue generating strategy if the content provider has a way of profiting from this publicity. However, if this is an option, it prevents losing potential customers unwilling to pay even low costs for digital content, and it prevents content providers from having to pay discount fees of 25 percent on such low value transactions. That’s a win for both parties.

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