B2B Payments Can Be Awesome

by Steve Murphy 0

This particular piece (which is accompanied by a video as well) is very simply an endorsement for the continued use of and expansion into virtual card account numbers. This discussion is specifically about the travel space usage which has been an early adopter of virtual cards.

Increasingly we are seeing the incorporation of virtual cards into the travel booking and usage experience, for now somewhat limited to the booking process. Eventually this will expand as mobile capture at the POS becomes ubiquitous, and the virtual card process and understanding (more specifically in hotels and transportation scenarios) is rationalized and made easy.

In this short piece we see an executive touting the experience created for customers, but also the importance of providing similar experiences for his own employees, an important consideration as the millennial (and Gen Z) staff continuously grows into the workforce

“Travel sellers and suppliers can improve not only the traveller experience but also employee satisfaction by automating their B2B payment processes”, according to Anthony Hynes, managing director of eNett International.

Overview by Steve Murphy, Director, Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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