Australian Bank Debuts No Log-in Mobile Banking App

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From an article that appears on NetBanker:

As mobile banking approaches its fourth birthday, we are starting to see the more interesting “version 2.0” builds from the major players. Last week, we looked at Commonwealth Bank’s Simple Balance, with its pull-down balance option.

Customers don’t want to spend more than a few seconds retrieving their balance when on the go, so the no-login option significantly improves the mobile banking user experience.

In response to that post, several readers pointed out the recently launched app from Westpac New Zealand unit. The app, Cash Tank, is an elegant solution to the same need. It’s a full standalone app that does just one thing, shows the balance in the selected account on a “fuel gauge.”

Users set their own high and low settings so the gauge could show empty when there is still a cash cushion remaining. And users have the option of showing the actual dollar amount available or simply relying on the gauge reading for more privacy. The Cash Tank can show the balance from just one account.

Apps like the Cash Tank balance display make sense because many customers prefer a quick and easy way to check their accounts without having to log on to their mobile accounts.

In some cases, customers just want a quick check to see whether their balances are getting low prior to a purchase that could cause their account to be overdrawn. Such dashboard apps can be particularly useful for customers who use debit cards for many of their day-to-day purchases.

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