ATMIA Publishes New ATM Interface Recommendations

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The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has published new international industry recommendations for maximizing the ATM user interface (UI) for about 2.4 million ATMs worldwide

The document focuses on recommendations regarding the accessibility, speed, operability, and security of ATMs.

“The importance of the ATM as a customer service channel is growing,” explained CEO Mike Lee in a Payment Eye article. “We’ve identified opportunities to enhance the customer experience by ensuring the consumer needs at the ATM are met.”

The manual shows how new interface technologies, such as tactile and multi-touch capabilities, biometrics and HTML 5, allow concepts usually applicable to mobile devices and tablets to be extended to ATM UIs.

The need for standards and interoperability are needed throughout banking and channels systems, but particularly so in the ATM channel. With a wide variety of features and capabilities now available on intelligent deposit ATMs, and new capabilities being unveiled by financial institutions, it’s critical that all participants in the ATM value chain adhere to common standards for the industry to continue to grow.

Overview by Ed O’Brien, Director, Banking Channels Advisory Services

To read the full story, go to Payment Eye.

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