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ORLANDO, FL and SIOUX FALLS, SD, April 13, 2016. The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA) have announced the completion of a collaboration agreement for the Latin America market. The two industry associations have mutual interests in the areas of EMV migration and secure payments, and an affiliated relationship in the U.S. Creating a formal framework for collaboration in the region simplifies and facilitates efforts that were already underway.

ATMIA LATAM Executive Director, David Tente, will speak on the topic of The Role of ATMs in the Digital Era at SCALA’s upcoming Digital Tour Americas 2016 event in Panama City, Panama, 15 – 17 June, 2016. Likewise, SCALA Associate Director, Edgar Betts, will play a role in the ATMIA LATAM event scheduled for 2017. In addition, where it makes sense, the two groups will also cross-promote each other’s activities on an on-going basis.

“This new relationship is a very complementary one for both parties,” says Tente. “It offers ATMIA Latin America an increased level of visibility with the region’s major banks. And SCALA gains greater exposure in the ATM channel.”

One of the first initiatives that ATMIA LATAM and SCALA will discuss is to cooperatively promote the use of the region’s ATMs to replenish transportation cards. In addition to better utilizing existing bank infrastructure, such applications also benefit the unbanked – which is a significant portion of the population in some Latin American countries.

About the ATM Industry Association
The ATM Industry Association is a global non-profit trade association with approximately 5,500 members in 65 countries. Its mission is to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide, to protect the ATM industry’s assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations. More information about ATMIA can be found on their website,

About Smart Card Alliance – Latin America
SCALA – Smart Card Alliance Latin America is a chapter of the Smart Card Alliance, impartial, neutral, non-profit, multi-industry association working to promote understanding, interoperability, convergence, evolution and innovative adoption of applications of Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) technology in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. SCALA achieves its objectives through specific projects such as: Educational Programs, Centers for Excellence, Market Research, Promotion of Success Stories, Roadmaps, Online Resources, Industry Relations and open forums, keeping its members connected with industry leaders and innovative thinking.

Smart Card Alliance serves as the single voice of the industry on issues related to integrated circuit cards and their related components, spearheading communication in the industry on the impact and added value of this technology in the Americas. For more information about SCALA visit:

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