Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Banking

by Joseph Walent 0

The article details how business leaders in the technology and technology service fields are applying the innovations made in machine learning to extract efficiencies and to capture insights from here-to-fore seemingly unmanageable data sets. The coming together these innovations will serve to make the actualization of individual financial intentions more achievable, with the analytical engines able to recognize areas of affinity, and suggest possible avenues that render similar outcomes will deliver comprehensive financial advisory services to all via automated service delivery mechanisms.

Striking an instance of wealth management, which was considered very traditional and under penetrated in the online category Shi I pa opinionated, “We are trying to create the entire capability with the service provider to be able to make robot advisory, looking at what is it about the client that we know, predict his future requirement and contextual recommendation on managing his portfolio”.

Mercator Advisory Group understand the delivering personalized financial assessments and subsequent recommendations will come as a result of Machine Learning’s integration. For many, this enables the to achievement of FI/consumer mutually understood objectives. As a result, a larger swathe of consumers seeking to improve their financial wellness will be empowered directly by their chosen FI. Expanding the addressable market to include more consumers for higher value financial institution services will be a way to engage with individuals early in their financial lives the deliver valuable insight to reference when charting their course. The promise of AI in banking is the delivery of relevant information for all financial institution customers helping to create a valuable FI/consumer partnerships.

Overview by Joseph Walent, Associate Director, Customer Interactions at Mercator Advisory Group

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