Android Pay Gains ATM Cash Withdrawal, Better Web Support, and More

by Joseph Walent 0

For more and more Americans, use of a smartphone has become a seemingly indispensable tool occupying a central role as conduit for an ever-expanding number of electronic interactions as we navigate our daily lives. The article outlines several areas of investment Alphabet has pursued in advancing the usability and attractiveness of its Android Pay wallet of commerce enablement capabilities.

The collective goal of the new features is to reduce the developmental, infrastructural, and geographical barriers to Android Pay, said Bhan. “We believe that mobile payments can make for a better, more secure shopping experience — so we’re in this together for the long haul,” he said. “We’re building a robust Android Pay ecosystem, one that’s open and scalable, to enable developers to drive mobile payments — and their businesses — forward.”

Mercator Advisory Group recognizes the addition of wider functionality of Android Pay will be a critical aspect of its path to success, and the strategy being employed appears sound. More broadly, the incorporation of capabilities either augmenting or simplifying the transaction aspect of shopping activity will help to drive adoption and differentiate mobile wallets from traditional payment methods in the coming years.

Overview by Joseph Walent, Director, Emerging Technologies at Mercator Advisory Group

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