American Express Pulls Gift Cards Out of New Jersey

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

American Express has said it will no longer sell gift cards at New Jersey retailers. The move was in response to the New Jersey law that would require gift card issuers to collect zip codes from all purchasers so that the state could claim unused gift card balances after two years.

AmEx spokeswoman Vanessa McCutchen told The Associated Press that the company began pulling gift cards sold through third-party retailers last week. As of Monday, the only way for New Jersey residents to buy AmEx gift cards, which can be used practically anywhere, is directly from the company.

The law would apply to both closed-loop and open-loop gift cards. Several retailers have said privately that they would also stop selling gift cards in New Jersey rather than try to comply with the law. The move was largely seen as an attempt by the state government to find an easy source of income to help balance its budget. A bill to repeal the law has already passed the state assembly, but there is no guarantee on whether or not it will pass the state senate or be signed by the governor.

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