American Express Pilots 'Couponless' Loyalty with Levi Strauss

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

American Express is working with Google Ventures company SCVNGR to implement a more seamless merchant incentive program using LevelUp location-based deals.

American Express’ Smart Offer APIs will now enable cardmembers to redeem LevelUp deals by simply enrolling and using their cards – removing the need for punch-cards, coupons, and the associated hassle at the point of sale. When a cardmember uses his or her enrolled card at a merchant, the LevelUp savings will be automatically delivered via a statement credit to the card account. Eligible cardmembers will instantly receive notification via their mobile devices indicating that a statement credit is on its way and that they have “leveled up,” unlocking the next, richer offer from that merchant. This launch also marks the first time Android’s new push notification technology is used in market.

The featured merchant partner is Levi Strauss, who is implementing a special program in its company stores:

Levi’s is the first national merchant to leverage this new functionality, and will roll it out at three locations: the Levi’s® Store on Newbury Street in Boston, the Levi’s® flagship store on Post Street in San Francisco, and the Levi’s® store at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania. The LevelUps include:

* Level #1: spend $10, get $20
* Level #2: spend $10, get $30
* Level #3: spend $10, get $50.

This implementation aligns a powerful combination of marketing players and technologies:

“Today’s news represents significant innovation in location and mobile-commerce,” said Rich Miner, partner at Google Ventures and co-creator of the Android platform. “The combination of American Express’s Smart Offer APIs, LevelUp’s loyalty-retail experience, and the new Android push notification system provides a frictionless transaction experience for everyone involved – consumers and merchants alike.”

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