AdvanceMe Inc. Blogs About MCA for POS Upgrades

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

On the Merchant Cash Advance Info blog, the AdvanceMe team has some very interesting ideas for merchants who are considering an upgrade for their points-of-sale. As the blog post points out, point-of-sale devices such as countertop terminals, electronic cash registers, and networked POS systems are essential for merchants operating in face-to-face service environments. And these devices can sometimes be onerous for merchants to afford the upgrades to hardware and software that are often mandated by the card industry.

From the blog:

At their most basic, POS systems are used to balance the cash drawer, process credit cards, run reports, count inventory, print checks, act as a time clock for employees, and control theft. Advanced systems can be used for even more sophisticated processes, including developing target marketing strategies, tracking supplier purchases, and analyzing sales of each inventory item. Indeed, a POS system customized for your business’ needs is more management tool than cash register.

One of the benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance is that it is a very quick method of obtaining working capital – sometimes in as few as 72 hours. This speed-to-funding can be leveraged by the business, which is especially helpful when upgrading and improving essential parts of your business.

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