Acculynk to Pilot P2P Product

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With ACH funds transfers for person-to-person payments taking any where between two and four days to clear, Acculynk is attempting to address this problem using PIN authentication and the debit card networks.

Acculynk, which is an Internet PIN-debit technology provider, has agreements with about 30 financial institutions to pilot this particular P2P method in July. Ashish Bahl, Acculynk’s CEO, told Digital Transactions, using the EFT networks for P2P payments provides a “near real-time money movement” environment.

With Acculynk’s P2P service, consumers who want to send money to another person will start by launching their bank’s app and using a virtual, screen-based PIN pad to enter their PINs, much as they do with PaySecure. The P2P application will sit outside the bank’s firewall, allowing users to authenticate themselves with just their PIN rather than also having to enter online-banking credentials. “If we’re above the firewall, it’s a much more seamless transaction,” says Bahl.

Recipients will need to download an app to receive notices about funds moving into their account.

Funds will move on debit-network rails, though in cases where some smaller networks can’t receive transmissions from outside networks settlement will be handled via the ACH, Bahl says. Without going into detail, Bahl says Acculynk will price the service on a wholesale basis to originating banks, which can then determine whether to reprice it to their customers.

Mercator pegs P2P payments as a new market for financial institutions to explore, especially since they can lose out on this area to alternative payment providers. Dwolla is one such company, which is doing some tweaking of its own as it relates to ACH P2P transfers.

Acculynk will also face competition with PIN-debit enabled P2P transfers as Shazam is about to test a service using technology from Adaptive Payments. Shazam is one of 11 networks that supports Acculynk but owns a stake in Adaptive.

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