A Study of User Reactions to Mobile Shopping

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Recently, Shop.org hosted a usability lab at their Annual Summit focusing on the challenges consumers face when using mobile shopping Websites. One of the most significant findings from the lab was that users have a tendency to prefer using desktop Websites to mobile ones, even when already accessing the mobile Website.

“We saw this early on with the Web – people went back to the store because they didn’t trust what they saw on the Web site,” said Phil Terry, CEO of Creative Good, Columbus, OH. “The same thing is happening in mobile, with people going back to the Web site because they don’t trust what they see on mobile,” he said.

Other revelations included a shopper who only used mobile shopping when she was offered a special deal through her email, another who was frustrated by having to reenter a password prior to checkout, and a third who expressed confusion surrounding the use of QR codes and scanners.

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