A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain – Are You Kidding Me?

by Tim Sloane 0

Providing minimal details, this article describes a research paper that claims to define a new algorithm to quickly validate and approve transactions implemented in a distributed network of any size with a proof of work that minimizes the work effort and eliminates the tendency in bitcoin for a concentration of miners. It also eliminates the blockchain in favor of a graph based affirmation:

“A recently published paper proposed to forgo the blockchain and the blocks entirely, and formulate a truly decentralized ledger system which relies on a lean graph which is comprised of “cross-verifying” transactions. A fully decentralized consensus mechanism, which relies on progressive proofs-of-work (PoW) with predictable rewards, guarantees rapid convergence even throughout a huge network with unequal participants, who all get incentivized for mining using their mining equipment which possess variable hashing power. Graph based affirmation endorses concise response via a process of automatic scaling. On the other hand, application agnostic design is compliant with all of cryptocurrencies’ modern features including swaps, multiple denominations, scripting, securitisation, smart contracts….etc.

The authors of the paper proved experimentally that their proposal achieves a pivotal convergence property. In other words, any valid transaction enters the system will rapidly become included in a block and linked to the proceeding blocks.”

While providing insufficient details to validate the merits of this implementation, Mercator has stated in the past that the research organization that can overcome the weaknesses of the blockchain implemented in the bitcoin trust algorithm while also maintaining a commensurate level of trust and security would likely be nominated for a Nobel Prize. Time will tell if this is the one!

Overview by Tim Sloane, VP, Payments Innovation Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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