Yandex.Checkout to Provide Invoice Payments via Viber

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Moscow, Russia, June 21, 2017. Yandex.Checkout enabledonline stores to send invoices to their customers via Viber messenger, allowingthem to pay for goods and services directly in the messenger. This new optionbecomes available thanks to the cooperation between Yandex.Checkout and Russianemail marketing service Imobis.

Receiving payments via Viber messenger is suitable for any companies thataccept orders by phone, in social networks and instant messengers, for example,food or flower delivery services, shops selling items and accessories orInternet providers.

The invoice can be added to any Viber message, whether it is an advertisingnewsletter or a recurring payment notification. This will allow companies toincrease sales conversion and make the payment process more convenient andsmooth for the customer. Messages in Viber can contain text, images, links andfiles.

Invoicing through Viber can be done both in the company’s dashboard atImobis and with the help of the Bot in another messenger. The latter option isconvenient for those moments when the customer does not have the right amountof cash for a courier delivery – the seller can easily send an invoice in Viberand accept a mobile payment. If for some reason the message in Viber isnot delivered, the service will send a text-message to the client with a shortpayment link.

To start sending invoices via Viber the company needs to sign a contractwith Yandex.Checkout and connect to Imobis. No complex technical integration isrequired. The history of paid invoices will be available in the company’sdashboards at Yandex.Checkout and Imobis.

About Yandex.Checkout

Yandex.Checkout isthe leading service for accepting online payments in Russia, according to a2017 survey by MARC. Yandex.Checkout received the Emerging Payment Awardat the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference (Berlin) in 2017. With thispayment solution, merchants from all over the world can offer Russian consumersthe online payment methods most popular among Russians and CIS-citizens: bankcards, e-wallets, online banking, mobile phones, QR codes, contactlesstechnologies of Apple Pay and Android Pay as well as cash via mobile retailersand payment kiosks (there are over 250 thousand cash-acceptance points all overCIS). Currently, more than 76,000 online stores across the globe useYandex.Checkout. The service helps to organize payment systems forwebsites and mobile applications, as well as billing systems via SMS, e-mail,chats or instant messengers. Thanks to the «Smart Payment» technology,Yandex.Checkout can adapt the payment process specifically for each user.

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