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The Yule time of year brings with it a propensity for many of use to reflect on the past year. The article calls out the predictions made by industry pundits is key areas of the fast evolving financial technology sector. While the scorecard appears the major trends predicted came to pass in sufficient capacity to earn recognition, it is the unifying principle that is really interesting. The author avoids calling it out, but the interconnectedness of all these developments and how they will render a personalized, immersive and reliable financial transaction event appear at the core.

No doubt forecasters play an important role in helping banks to plan the year, but their digital maturity increases, a digital strategy needs a multi-year business plan which will need longer range forecasts. The problem is with these is nobody really reviews a 5 year forecast

Mercator Advisory Group anticipates all of the trends called out in the article will indeed gain momentum in 2018, as adoption and integration across the daily transactional lives of consumers becomes increasingly intertwined with digital communications. We expect the consumer-centrism that has been shown so effective will remain the driving force behind investment in time and money for FIs in the New Year and beyond.

Overview by Joseph Walent, Associate Director, Customer Interactions Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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