Will SaaS Convert Consultants into Systems Suppliers

by Tim Sloane 0

Perhaps the days of consultants integrating hardware andsoftware into a solution for clients under a development contract areover. Capgemini has become a distributorfor First Data processing and SaaS services. In the longer term, perhaps this enables a new customer engagement modelwhere custom solutions are delivered using the “pay as you go” pricing modelrather than as a “pay up front” pricing model:

First Data Corporation, aglobal leader in payment technology and services solutions, and Capgemini, oneof the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services,have formed a global alliance to develop next generation payment technologysoftware using First Data’s VisionPLUS® and AccessPLUS solutions. Thiscollaboration will leverage Capgemini’s global vertical industry and paymentsexpertise and First Data’s market-leading suite of payments solutions,assisting clients in numerous sectors, including Financial Services, Retail,Public Sector, Telecommunications and Media, in growing their businesses,mitigating risk and improving operational efficiencies.

Capgeminiwill serve strategic roles as value added reseller, payment processor andmanaged services provider in a number of global markets. Capgemini will alsoactively enable the development of innovative payments solutions leveragingVisionPLUS, AccessPLUS and other First Data and third-party solutions. Thesenew solutions will provide enhanced servicing and channel integration,accelerated implementations, and improved local payment solutions coverage toclients around the world. As part of this alliance, Capgemini will also becomea holder of a developer license to offer development services and systemsintegration services to First Data’s VisionPLUS and AccessPLUS licensees.

Changeis accelerating in the payments marketplace. Consumers are demanding the latestin innovation that includes not only a great user experience, but also enhancedand localized functionality, data security protection, loyalty programs andmobility.

“Neverbefore in the history of financial services has the speed of change been faster,and competition for customers more fierce,” said Guy Chiarello, presidentof First Data. “Our singular focus is helping our clients grow theirbusinesses, and this important global alliance with Capgemini helps deliver onthat commitment by enabling our clients to navigate an evolving globalmarketplace with our optimal solutions and deployment expertise.” ‘

It would appear that Capgemini will be utilizing itsdeveloper’s license to modify the First Data software offering to meet theneeds of customers. Given thecomplexities associated with developing payment related solutions, it will beinteresting to see how quickly Capgemini can bring new solutions tomarket. It also raises the questionwhere the platform executing those solutions will sit, within First Data’sexisting secure infrastructure on within a new environment created byCapgemini.

Overview by Tim Sloane, VP Payments Innovation, Mercator Advisory Group

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