Why You Should Think About a Single Card Program for Your Mixed Fleet

by John Hardin 0

Fuel card programs tend to divide along “class” lines, as in Federal Highway Administration vehicle class. Programs tend to serve either class 1-6 (cars through medium duty trucks) or class 7-8 (heavy-duty, over-the-road commercial rigs), but not both.

To be sure, the needs of the two groups differ, making the required functionality for their card programs different. For example, enhanced truck stop prompts are very important to over-the-road programs while broad acceptance is a necessity for the smaller vehicles. Still, as more organizations sport mixed fleets, more opportunities for efficiency present themselves and the case strengthens for having a single card solution and a single payment program for all vehicle types.

Managers of mixed fleets spend considerable time logging in and out of separate card program sites: adjusting card limits, running reports and reviewing spending data for different drivers and vehicles. It would certainly make a fleet manager’s job easier to have one card, portal and network that fits all. The time savings are compelling on their own, but having a true picture of your entire fleet seals the deal.

That is the path that U.S. Bank is taking with its new, enhanced Voyager Fleet Card. The new Voyager Fleet Card accommodates the robust functionality needed by heavy-duty, over-the-road commercial rigs as well as the comprehensive fleet controls required for cars and lighter trucks at gas stations and convenience stores. For the first time, all fleet classes can be managed through one card, one network and one program management platform.

The new program brings a single point of visibility and transparency to expenses. Fleet managers can access information through a single portal with a view across all vehicles and transactions while drivers can get the fuel, maintenance and services they need with a single card and nationwide network.

It’s challenging enough to manage a fleet when all the vehicles are the same or similar. Mixed fleets present special challenges. A unified program for all fleets promotes acceptance, convenience and visibility to the market for the program manager.

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