Who is T-Mobile Challenging With Prepaid Offering?

by Tim Sloane 0

Virgin Australia is offering its frequent flyer program members a prepaid Visa card that can have balances from four currencies on it at one time. Cardholders can pick the four from a list of ten along with always having the Australian wallet active.

From the Australian Business Traveller:

Each Global Wallet travel money card supports tap-and-go payWave technology and will contain ten ‘virtual wallets’, one for each currency: these are NZ, US, Canadian, Hong Kong and Singapore dollars, British pounds, the Euro, Japanese yen and Thai baht, plus of course the Aussie dollar.

While the card is something of a niche product, it shows how prepaid cards can be used to solve problems for people across the socioeconomic spectrum and applied by businesses to offer their customers unique services that would not be possible otherwise.

Click here to read more from the Australian Business Traveller.

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