Who Else Is Listening in on Your Alexa Conversation?

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Have you recently considered buying a second-hand Alexa or a used select Alexa? Well, you might want to think again.

According to online security experts vpnMentor The terms second-hand Alexa and use Alexa I’ve seen a Google Trend increase of 131% and 502.86% respectively. This search trend rise could potentially be an indication that as the smart speakers become more mainstream to Consumers, more individuals are looking for a slightly less expensive version of the Alexa smart speaker.

With the claim that 55% of smart device owners are in the dark about how they work, vpmMentor raises a red flag by saying that there is the potential for hackers to initially by the device then bug the device and resell it online to a potential buyer. The buyer who was unaware of this modified Alexa smart speaker could potentially use it to purchase items or get out private information but then could be used by the hacker for various criminal purposes.

According to an announcement made by vpnMentor they estimate that 120 million smart home units are expected to be sold in the US in 2018 with a global home market expected to be worth 53.45 billion by 2022. That poses a substantial opportunity for hackers looking at unique ways of obtaining data from smart speakers.

vpmMentor has also produced a video which shows how individuals unbeknownst to them have the potential of inviting Packers into their home and how easy it can be for them to access your sensitive information.

The Internet of Things Market continues to heat up security is going to be a huge focal point Are all Industries looking to integrate with these new devices and services. Like we have seen with cautious optimism between Banks, and fintechs organizations would be wise to keep that same cautious optimism when it comes to IoT devices.

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