Wells Fargo Has an iPhone App for Commercial Cards – and Web for the Rest

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Expense reporting is a major pain in the neck. All those receipts, all that date entry, and the certain knowledge you’re forgetting to add something to the expense report.

For holders of its Commercial Cards Wells Fargo has brought some simplicity and, for its enterprise card program managers, no small level of control. For the traveler who uses the Commercial Card for all (or nearly all) on the road expenses, the iPhone app in particular looks to simplify life. And for the traveling card program manager, there’s oversight and control including the ability to review and change limits on individual cards.

At Mercator, we’ve been saying for years that it’s the information around the payment, as much as the payment itself, that adds value. Now, with smartphone apps like this one, more business people can leverage both.

Through the CEO Mobile® service, WellsOne cardholders are now able to add out-of-pocket expenses, view charges, and check available credit – right on their smartphones. And WellsOne Commercial Card program administrators can view and edit credit limits and review declined transactions.

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