Visa’s Spending in New Areas, Partnerships to Boost Growth

by Sarah Grotta 0

If you are a follower of Visa stock price, this has been a tough week for V, in reaction to the unexpected news that CEO Charlie Scharf will be stepping down. For the year 2016 however, Visa has been good to its shareholders and Market Realist is portraying a bright future based on Visa’s business growth in two areas particularly, namely international transaction growth and selective investments in new technology:

In international markets, Visa renewed a multiyear co-brand program with Homeplus, the second-largest retailer in South Korea. In Taiwan, the company renewed a multiyear credit co-brand agreement with Taichung Bank, making it one of the largest co-brand programs in the market. Mandiri, Indonesia’s largest state-owned bank, signed a multiyear debit contract.

The article also highlighted Visa’s interest in funding initiatives in yet-to-be proven payment technologies:

Visa (V) is investing heavily in fin-tech options, online and mobile payment solutions, and wearable payment solutions in order to take first mover advantage and penetrate in these fast-growing areas. The company has innovation centers in San Francisco, Miami, London, Singapore, Dubai, and Bangalore.

Overview by Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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