Visa Talks Tokens in Q2 Earnings Call, and Issuers Should Take Notice

by Tim Sloane 0

At the tail end of Visa’s 2nd quarter earnings call, held April 30, CEO Charlie Scharf talked tokens. He clearly believes that Visa stockholders should be excited about the revenue opportunity tokens represent:

“I’m proud of the work of the Visa team and proud to be leading the industry into this digital world. When we launched tokenization, we told you it was more than a set of just security standards. We said it was a platform to enable new commerce experiences, then came Apple Pay.

When we participated in the Apple Pay launch, we said it was just the beginning and there would be more solutions that leverage our digital platforms. Since then, Samsung has announced the new Galaxy S6 payments experience and Google’s Android operating system supporting host card emulation. And we have several clients developing new HCE [Host Card Emulation] based applications in our sandbox as we speak.”

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