Visa Launches Travel-themed Integrated Campaign

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Visa has launched a new advertising campaign leveraging both social media and travel themes. Featuring TV and digital advertising, this will be an integrated marketing campaign with social media and sweepstakes elements. Specifically with the social media elements:

The effort’s social media application, “Memory Mapper,” uses Google Maps and consumer-submitted photos, videos and captions to create a digital scrapbook of the trip. Consumers can enter the locations where photos were taken, write captions, and add music that personifies the vacation, then share the album through email, Facebook and Twitter, the company said.

The sweepstakes component will give away at $100,000 vacation, and all Visa cardholders will be entered.

In addition to the seasonal nature of the theme, the travel-related segment has become strategically critical to issuers targeting affluent and prime-plus consumers with travel enhancements and travel co-branding partners.

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