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by Raymond Pucci 0

Mobile commerce enables headache-free shopping, but only to a point. Smartphone keyboards are space-challenged for all but the most nimble fingers. Online buying works best with the fewest keystrokes, and the following article relates how BlueSnap integrates with Visa Checkout to simplify the mobile buying experience.

BlueSnap, a global payments technology company, announced today that Visa Checkout now available in its Powered Buy Platform to give merchants the frictionless checkout experience they need to reach global shoppers and solve checkout abandonment with higher payment conversions.

Visa Checkout works with any major credit or debit card across smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. It makes shopping online easier and more convenient for consumers by reducing the number of forms a shopper has to fill out and shortening the checkout process to just a few clicks. These time saving steps are crucial when shopping on a mobile device and can increase conversions. Enrolled Visa Checkout customers completed 86% of transactions from the online shopping cart. Moreover, Visa Checkout customers have a 51 percent higher conversion rate when compared to customers using a merchant’s traditional online checkout.

With the BlueSnap and Visa Checkout integration, merchants have access to a robust, full feature global checkout experience. BlueSnap automatically routes transactions to multiple acquiring banks globally to ensure maximum payment success rates.

BlueSnap’s Powered Buy Platform provides flexible integration, empowering merchants to deploy the best checkout experience to engage their customers – from API to turnkey embedded checkout. Connections to multiple acquiring banks around the world are provided through a single integration along with failover capability to maximize payment authorizations.

Shopping cart abandonment keeps e-commerce merchants awake at night. Recent mobile checkout enhancements such as Visa Checkout and Masterpass streamline the buying process for consumers by eliminating keying in redundant information for billing and shipping. Payment gateways such as BlueSnap add value to merchants who see higher sales conversations that drive a bigger bottom line.

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Associate Director, Research Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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