Vietnam – VietinBank to provide petrol payment service via prepaid card

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

VietinBank’s multi-purpose prepaid card now can be used to fill gas tanks at Saigo Fuel Joint Stock Company (SFC). The bank issues its own branded E-Fast prepaid cards that can be used at multiple merchants. Consumers do not have to open an account with the bank in order to buy and use the card. SFC appears to be the latest merchant that agrees to accept the E-Fast card.

The cards will be sold at all SFC petrol stations and at VietinBank branches of different face values. Customers will be able to charge money into the card through many methods. They can charge money from any VietinBank branch or an E-Partner.

VietinBank will provide more methods to help customers’ easy ways to charge money into the card such as internet or SMS in coming times.

Vietinbank will install payment equipment at the SFC petrol stations and also offer promotional programs.

Like the case in China, credit and debit cards are not yet widely accepted at gas stations. And prepaid cards fill in nicely to meet the gas station chains’ and consumers’ needs for convenient and safe electronic payment methods.

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