VeriFone Integrates Card Payment & Media for UK Taxis

by Mercator Advisory Group 0


VeriFone has announced that its taxi payment solution is now widely available in UK. The solution has been widely deployed in places like New York, and entered the UK market last December at a limited scale. It is interesting that solution integrates digital media/adverting with payments. Is VeriFone trying to become a channel provider of not just the payment services?

The system, … integrates with taxi meters and allows drivers to easily accept credit, debit and contactless cards, while also streaming digital content to passengers.

VeriFone’s unique card payment system comprises a driver-side payment device with receipt printer, a fixed passenger-facing secure PIN entry device and a full color display screen for safety information, advertisements and streaming media.

VeriFone is also launching its VeriFone Entertainment Network to deliver compelling onboard media from leading broadcasters and advertisers.

VeriFone has deployed transportation systems all around the world, from Istanbul to South Africa to New York City. In New York City, VeriFone’s taxi payment system is now deployed in 50% of taxis and VeriFone Media Solutions provide content to more than 90%.

Read the press release here:

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