USAA Puts a Human Touch in Remote Check Deposit

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

While USAA has been a leader in introducing new technology some of their customers still want the feel of bricks and mortar when making deposits. The San Antonio headquartered bank with just one branch was the first to offer home base check image capture to their customers. But some of their customers still want to make their deposits in person and USSA is listening


This fall, USAA began offering free check deposit services at nearly 30 United Parcel Service Inc. stores in San Antonio, where USAA is headquartered, and San Diego. USAA, whose main office is its only branch, plans to expand the service to more than 1,700 UPS sites nationwide by spring.

“They are aware that they could do this themselves,” but not all customers want to, said Jeff Easley, USAA’s deposits product manager. “This will fulfill their [need] to walk up and make a deposit transaction with a person,” he said. “We still hear a number of members say that’s how they prefer to do deposits with us.”

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