USA Technologies Runs Its Wireless Services Over Verizon

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USA Technologies has put out another release this week, this time regarding its use of the Verizon Wireless network and a distribution relationship with the wireless giant. Of particular interest is the company’s use of the nPhase mobile device provisioning portal. This management system makes it straightforward to manage a fleet of mobile endpoints such as vending machines, jukeboxes, game machines, and other electronic payments enabled machines.

With more than 100,000 M2M (machine-to-machine) connections to their ePort Connect service, USA Technologies is a leading provider of small-ticket, wireless, non-cash transaction services to businesses and industries including kiosks, hospitality, digital imaging, and the $43 billion vending machine industry.

Additionally, USA Technologies expects to benefit from Verizon Wireless’ Machine to Machine Management Center portal managed through nPhase, a Verizon Wireless – Qualcomm joint venture and pioneer in helping businesses ease deployment and management of M2M applications.

“Our association with Verizon Wireless aligns us with a powerful leading global brand in the wireless communications industry,” Stephen P. Herbert, President and COO, USA Technologies said. “In addition to providing our customers with the reputable service that Verizon has built its brand on, we believe that the sales agreement will enable us to increase our sales reach by having our ePort Connect cashless payments service now included in the Verizon sales toolkit. This represents an important milestone for USA Technologies as consumers continue to adapt to using credit or debit cards for small-ticket, wireless point-of-sale transactions.”

In the wireless world, there are two big topics these days. One is 4G, as in Fourth Generation, essentially wireless broadband. The other is M2M, machine to machine, which is about connecting devices wirelessly instead of people to both each other and data sources. In this case, nothing really new is happening comparatively. USA Technologies and other wireless payment service providers have been doing this for years. It just has a new name.

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