UK Supermarket to Introduce Mobile Checkout Technology

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Leading British supermarket chain Sainsbury has started trialing a new innovative mobile checkout technology that will enable customers to avoid long waits at the checkout counters. Customers are encouraged to scan items as they shop using their smartphones and then checkout through their mobile phones at the end, saving supermarket staff from having to ring up each product.

From Finextra:

“Our innovative Mobile Scan & Go technology is fantastic for those wanting to manage their budget or simply those who want a quicker in-store experience,” says Luke Jensen, group development director at Sainsbury.

Customers interested in participating in the new scheme only have to download the mobile application (compatible with both iPhone and Android) and register their Sainsbury rewards card through their phone or in store. The application has added benefits as it allows consumers to track their spending and identify saving opportunities, serving as a micro personal finance management tool.

While the technology is intriguing, widespread adoption is likely to run into some issues, most notably, will consumers want to process their own groceries as they shop versus the status quo? Although just at its earliest stage, the technology offers an interesting new spin on grocery shopping.

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