Travelling Around Korea Made Easier

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

As part of the nation’s efforts making Korea a major international tourism and shopping attraction, Korea’s government starts to promote a prepaid travel cards targeting foreign visitors as well as domestic travelers. ….Korea, with its relatively-low currency rate and a range of trendy goods, is quickly rising as a shopping haven for visitors and the government has expanded its card service for foreigners, launched last December, in an effort to better accommodate them during their stay.

Korea Pass, a prepaid tourism card available from 50-thousand won or around 45 US dollars to 450 dollars can be used for shopping, transportation, sightseeing or for pure entertainment, like going to the movies.

An interesting feature of the Korea Pass is that it also works in the public transportation systems in Korea. In addition, it allows foreign visitors to take out the remaining balances prior to leaving the country.

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