Top 5 Payment Technology Trends to Look out for in 2016

by Joseph Walent 0

Mercator Advisory Group agrees with the author in that the pace of change and innovation in the payment sector will accelerate further in 2016. Merchants, payment facilitators and financial institutions are all seeking to ease the consumers’ effort in undertaking secure transactions. While some of the predictions around the U.K. marketplace are not completely applicable in the U.S., many of the overarching themes remain the same. The chief theme was succinctly expressed in the article saying:

User-Experience (UX) is a buzzword right now as the public increasingly demand easy-to-use and responsive technology to make their lives easier. The likes of Uber and Amazon have perfected the user-journey, setting the bar high for the rest of us.

The Emerging Technology Service within Mercator Advisory Group outlined the Eight Technologies That Will Impact Payments and Banking Going Forward, addressing the key components we recognized many stakeholders in the payments sector are leveraging to provide a customers with a seamless experiential flow.

Overview by Joe Walent, Senior Analyst, Emerging Technologies at Mercator Advisory Group

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