Times Square ATMs Get Mobile Technology Makeover

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Mobile marketing company Touch Point Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with ATM deployer and operator FAM Capital Group that will enable TouchPoint to embed its mobile technology in 16 machines located in the New York City Times Square area. The ATMs would serve as another opportunity for marketers to reach daily thousands of consumers who visit one of the city’s popular tourist destinations.

TouchPoint’s proprietary technology allows it to direct ads to mobile devices within a 300-foot radius of the host device. When a device comes within range of the broadcast zone, the device is ‘pinged’ with an ‘opt-in’ message. Acceptance of the message will transfer the content from the TouchPoint Broadcast Unit to the consumer’s mobile device where it can be viewed, stored and acted upon at the discretion of the consumer.

Recent Mercator research indicates the growing desire for banks and independent operators to enhance an ATM’s functionality beyond typical everyday transactions such as cash withdrawals and balance inquiries. Companies such as FAM and Cardtronics are in the process of adding services such as targeted offers. In FAM’s case, offers would likely be for businesses in the area, which could drive increased foot traffic to retailers.

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