The Kardashians Will Appear on a Prepaid Card

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The Kardashian sisters, who are best known for their reality television series, are the latest celebrities to sign on as endorsers of a prepaid card. Other celebrity cards have been marketed before, including a general purpose reloadable card featuring star Carmen Electra and a MasterCard-branded gift card featuring golfer Natalie Gulbis. These celebrity prepaid cards have not changed the face of prepaid marketing, but they may be a hook to reach certain potential prepaid customers who are on the fence about what card to choose. Still, it seems clear that celebrity endorsements are not the magic marketing solution. Below is a selection of the coverage the card has received.

Can’t get enough of the Kardashian sisters? Soon, you’ll be able to put a picture of them in your wallet – on the face of your very own Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard….

The Kardashians are not the first in the celebrity trend of endorsing prepaid and credit cards. Russell Simmons, hip hop pioneer and founder of the Def Jam label, and Carmen Electra have offered the Prepaid RushCard and MasterCard to individuals with challenged credit. The rock group, KISS has a rewards card as well as renowned Celebrity Apprentice mogul, Donald Trump. For fans that just can’t let go, the Elvis Visa Credit Card and Johnny Cash Prepaid Debit Card keep their spirit alive.

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