The Golden Opportunity

by Duncan Ash 0

Financial Services Organizations Must Get Their Analytical Insights out to the Field.

Business intelligence is often considered an executive level activity, but for financial services organizations, there is a golden opportunity to equip customer-facing staff with tools providing analytical insights beyond the c-suite – potentially advancing and streamlining the day-to-day of frontline employees. These are the key staff who regularly meet customers, sell services, and ultimately determine whether or not a customer receives a satisfactory experience – essentially strengthening the backbone of the entire organization.

The people in the field are the ones who see the customers the most – the organization’s first impression – and yet in so many companies, they are the least equipped to serve their customers as well as they would like.

Qlik, in partnership with the Wall Street Journal Custom Studios, conducted a study of 300 financial services executives about how they manage data, and how they use that data to drive key decision making criteria out to the edges of their businesses.
Some of the key findings included:

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