The Future of Prepaid and Our Distorted Views – Both Will Be Revealed At Prepaid Expo!

by Tim Sloane 0

The IIR has asked Mercator Advisory Group to implement aconfidential survey about how our industry views the future ofprepaid. This effort promises to bring new insights to theindustry, and (as Mercator has done for ten years with the AnnualPrepaid Benchmark), all results will be aggregated and no personalor corporate identifiable data will be released. We invite you tomake your voice heard and take the surveynow!

Answers will be used to identify the future of prepaid and map thescale of our industry reality distortion field. This breakthrough,one of a kind survey measures:

  • The Payments Reality Distortion Field: The possible perceptiongap between payments industry experts and a nationallyrepresentative sample of 1200+ consumers on a range of topics,including:
    -The payment instruments that are used most today
    -Our confidence in mobile payments
    -The number of active mobile apps considered reasonable touse
    -The ideal payment related information to have on a user’s mobiledevice
  • The Industry Reality Distortion Field: This measurement willhelp identify how your individual role in the industry affects yourperception of mobility, and other payments issues For example,merchants can perceive payments differently than banks, but howdifferent is that thinking across multiple payment topics? Doprocessors, issuing banks, in-store gift card program managers,regulators, consumer groups, card manufacturers, and third-partytechnology providers have an area of shared perspective across thepayments landscape?
  • The Curmudgeon Effect: We explore how age and attitude impactthinking about the future of payments. How differently is thepayments world perceived by pessimists versus optimists versus allof you curmudgeons? Join thesurvey to learn more!
  • Peer Flocking Forecasting: Payment forecasts by the Industry,for the industry! Let’s take the survey methodology of polling 20experts to divine the future to new heights. We already have morethan 100 responses, but they don’t count; yours does! So add yourvoice to this effort and we can collect several hundred brilliantopinions on the future of payments! Now is your opportunity toshare your thoughts on the role of cash, the payment technologythat will win at the POS, and how consolidation change the face ofprepaid and when.

Creating this survey was a blast and I can’t wait to analyze whatyou have to share and then reveal the aggregate response next monthat Prepaid Expo 2013! We look forward to adding your responses – 20minutes of your time will help create new insights about ourprepaid industry and the payments market in general.

If helping the industry gain new insights is not enough motivation,once you complete the survey you’ll also be automatically enteredto win a full-featured iPad (but don’t worry; I know you took thesurvey to benefit the industry!). I look forward to seeing you atmy Prepaid Expo session where all will be revealed -Monday March4th at 5:25 PM. But if you are not coming to Prepaid Expo (I can’timagine why you wouldn’t of course), not to worry! These surveyresults, without my fun commentary, will also be made available toeveryone after Prepaid Expo is over!

To participate now, click here!

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