TGate's PathwayLINK Certified on Merchant e-Solutions Platform

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Processors must certify payment applications – whether they be terminal-driving software, virtual point-of-sale solutions, or switch and gateway technology – before merchants using those applications can send transactions to the processors’ host platforms for authorization, clearing, and settlement. A statement today from payment gateway start-up TGate announces their application’s certification with merchant acquirer/processor Merchant e-Solutions, a significant player in e-commerce merchant services.

PathwayLINK offers ISVs a universal payment processing platform that provides a single integration to connect to all major processors. Available for flat-fee monthly pricing, TGate’s integration solution delivers true PCI-compliance and enables a secure connection to processors via any payment channel for any type of payment.

Designed to offer an entirely new level of flexibility, this approach gives ISVs the ability to keep current processing relationships in place while significantly expanding the range of processor options they can offer merchants. This increases retention levels while decreasing the overhead of development, maintenance, and compliance issues.

“The combination of T-Gate’s state-of-the-art gateway technology with our seamless all-in-one payment processing and merchant account means new business for us, increased capabilities for T-Gate and, best of all, superior benefits for customers. “ said Kevin Gallagher, General Manager for e-Commerce for Merchant e-Solutions.

“Merchant e-Solutions global currency positioning with e-commerce and card-not-present solutions enables TGate to continue to expand the range of offerings that provide our reseller and referral relationships with access to the type of processor they need,” adds TGate’s President Tracy Metzger. “We are excited about adding Merchant-e-Solutions and their integrated merchant account to our list of supported processors. Their expertise in card not present and ecommerce payment solutions is a welcome addition.”

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