Target Expanding Mobile Coupon Strategy

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Target is continuing to develop their mobile coupons promotion, building upon the success they have achieved with their opt-in mobile coupon program, which has doubled in size since February of this year. Recently, Target has been testing an instant coupon promotion named “Text to Get.” This program would target customers while they are inside the store, offering coupons designed to steer them towards buying certain items based on their purchasing habits.

“When it comes to instant mobile coupons, it’s important to provide shoppers with the greatest possible value,” said John Caron, senior vice president of marketing at Modiv Media, Quincy, MA.

“Value doesn’t necessarily mean discounts, it means helping shoppers save money on items that they have bought recently, like to buy often, and are likely to purchase again,” he said. “It’s all about intelligent targeting.”

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