Target and ShopKick Launch Joint Loyalty Program

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Target Corp. and Shopkick, a mobile couponing company, have launched a new program that allows smart phone users to collect rewards points that they can redeem for Target gift cards and other rewards. The aim is to increase repeat visits to Target stores. From Mashable:

Beginning Wednesday, shoppers equipped with Shopkick on their iPhone or Android devices will be eligible to collect points, or “kicks,” as soon as they step foot in one of Target’s 1,764 stores. They can earn more points by scanning various products in the store using the app, and then redeem those points for items such as Target gift cards, Facebook credits, dining gift certificates, iTunes downloads, charitable donations, etc.

Target is making use of voluntary geo-location reporting and gathering customer data about repeat customers. The success of the program will depend on the ease with which customers can earn points and redeem them for rewards and getting the balance of those two factors correct.

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